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Lifeguard/Children playground

Lifeguard/Children playground

Minimum requirements

ILS Lifeguard certificate, or equivalent, Senior first aid, Advanced Resuscitation.

Ability to demonstrate skills and be required to perform a simulated rescue.

Ability to oversee children, 4 to 10 years old, diligent and responsible.

Secondary skills and abilities for use during the off-season are highly desired.

Fluent English.

APPLY by sending below documents to CRISTIAN@JOBCRUISESHIP.COM

  • CV in English reflecting relevant experience for the position that you are applying for
  • Passport (valid more than a year)
  • Written references/appraisals (especially for those with shipboard experience)
  • Qualifications as applicable 
  • Full length photo in business attire (needs to be in a business suite and for girls with a hair tighten in the back)

Contract details

  • TAX FREE € Salary – to be discussed
  • Contract: 12 months renewable
  • Vacation: 1 month - paid
  • Working hours: 8 hours per day, 6 days a week
  • LIVE OUT – Accommodation (single and double occupancy) and meals – provided free of charge (for those accommodated outside estate 25% allowance on top of salary as an allowance to find an apartment and transportation is provided free of charge); only married couples can share accommodation
  • Facilities (gym, pool, laundry for personal clothes and towels etc.)
  • Strict rules regarding social behavior and grooming (no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, inside the estate crew will need to wear uniforms and outside the estate girls will have to wear an abaya – no need to cover face or hair; men can wear shorts up to their knees and polo shirts with short sleeve)

JOB INFORMATIONPosition level : Nespecificat

Maintains very good communication with your team. Sharing information is key.
This roll is a team role. You must always assist your team if needed and respond to requests promptly.


Responsible to ensure the safety of family, children and guests in a private facility with very large deep pools and water features, including waterfalls and fountains.

When the pools are not in use primary responsibility will be to oversee the children in playground areas in a large resort style garden, working with nannies to ensure their safety and help them avoid dangerous situations.

Basic knowledge of pool maintenance and operation, so to point out any problems or issues with the pools to the maintenance team and get them fixed before they become big problems –e.g. problems with chlorine levels, abnormal look or smell of the water, ensuring pool is being cleaned properly.

When the family is not on site, secondary duties will be to assist the maintenance team with administrative tasks, depending on your skills and ability.

Sought after secondary skills includes:

  • Office administrative skills
  • Observing maintenance of grounds and gardens and reporting any required maintenance
  • Helping with setting up events for staff and guests
  • Moving equipment
  • Basic maintenance tasks.

Must be flexible, willing to help in the maintenance team with non-lifesaving issues, such as helping set up events and activities, moving equipment or helping on other odd jobs, as required.