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Procurement manager

Procurement manager

Minimum requirements

Proven work experience as a Procurement Officer or similar role.

Solid knowledge of financial and accounting procedures.

Experience using financial software.

Advanced MS Excel skills.

Knowledge of financial regulations.

Knowledge of Riyadh.

Clean Driver’s License.

Fluent English.

APPLY by sending below documents to CRISTIAN@JOBCRUISESHIP.COM

  • CV in English reflecting relevant experience for the position that you are applying for
  • Passport (valid more than a year)
  • Written references/appraisals (especially for those with shipboard experience)
  • Qualifications as applicable 
  • Full length photo in business attire (needs to be in a business suite and for girls with a hair tighten in the back)

Contract details

  • TAX FREE € Salary – to be discussed

  • Contract: 12 months renewable
  • Vacation: 1 month - paid
  • Working hours: 8 hours per day, 6 days a week
  • LIVE OUT – Accommodation (single and double occupancy) and meals – provided free of charge (for those accommodated outside estate 25% allowance on top of salary as an allowance to find an apartment and transportation is provided free of charge); only married couples can share accommodation
  • Facilities (gym, pool, laundry for personal clothes and towels etc.)
  • Strict rules regarding social behavior and grooming (no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, inside the estate crew will need to wear uniforms and outside the estate girls will have to wear an abaya – no need to cover face or hair; men can wear shorts up to their knees and polo shirts with short sleeve)

JOB INFORMATIONPosition level : Nespecificat

You are the director of first impressions. You must be a keen negotiator, excellent communicator and be persuasive and charming, in order to form good relationships with our new and existing suppliers and contractors.  The success of the procurement department flows to all other departments, as we rely on you to bring in the resources we need to operate. You need to have all the suppliers on your side, so they go out of their way to make sure your every need and request is solved in your time frame.
This is a fast paced, multi-dimensional role that needs someone who can process a lot of information quickly, efficiently and precisely. 
This job is 50/50 office/hands-on. This is an active role that needs someone who is fit, able to solve problems, handle stress and think quick.


Excellent relationship building skills.

Excellent negotiation skills.

Excellent time management.

Excellent organization skills.

Inventory control.

Goods receivable – check all stock matches the invoice, is in good condition, acceptable shelf life.

Goods returned – manage returned stock and ensure credits are given.

Quote requests for capital expenditure.

Able to search and find complex items to fulfil all requests from department managers.

Warehouse management.

Prepare weekly, quarterly and annual reports.

Able to manage stock in and out.

Manage a team of 15+/- people.

Must remain calm and be in control at all times.

End of month statement settlement.

Purchase orders.

Petty Cash control.